Young Alumni Board

Mission and Vision

As alumni of the University of Colorado, and supporters of the CU Real Estate Center, we strive to create connections between students, alumni, and the real estate community while supporting the CU Real Estate Center, growing membership and strengthening its reputation.

We believe in creating continuity between the student experience and the professional real estate community, and are successfully bridging that gap by cultivating a strong young alumni network.

By fostering meaningful connections and long-term engagement among our members and the real estate community, we will see continued growth of our Young Alumni membership base.

As advocates and supporters of the CU Real Estate Center, our members actively participate in events, encouraging colleagues and friends to attend and/or get involved in other capacities.

Our members are respected mentors and mentees, actively supporting current students, engaging with their peers, and seeking guidance from experienced industry professionals.

For us, giving back takes on many forms. By committing our time, resources, and unique talents, we offer our best to a cause we believe in.

Through the sum of our actions, we will strengthen the reputation of the CU Real Estate Center, creating brand awareness on both local and national levels.

Young Alumni Board Leadership

Courtney Colbert
Young Alumni Board Co-Chair
Associate, United Properties

Andrea Woodhams
Young Alumni Board Co-Chair
Senior Consultant, GPG Advisers

Young Alumni Board Members

John Bauknight
Development Director, Confluent Development

Carly Beetham
Leasing Associate, Transwestern

Andrew Browning
Commercial Real Estate Assistant Relationship Manager and Analysis Team Lead, Vectra Bank Colorado

Luke Cannon
Acquisitions and Development, Koelbel and Company

Mark Christ
Acquisitions/Broker, MBP Capital, Inc.

Ann Gauntt
Senior Consultant, SB Clark Companies

Craig Kalman
Capital Markets Associate, JLL

Jessica Kenney
Project Manager, Boulder Housing Partners

Cody Kirkpatrick
Principal, Zisler Capital Associates

Dan Konecny
Vice President, Loan Production, Essex Financial Group

Sarah Laverty
Membership Committee Co-Chair
Development Associate, EnviroFinance Group, LLC

Erin Marilley
Real Estate Manager, Conscience Bay Company

Chad Murphy
Associate, Real Estate Development, Hines

Kama Newell
Real Estate Agent, Wisdom Real Estate, Inc.

James Payne
Washington Commercial Real Estate Market Manager, U.S. Bank

Jarrett Primm
Director of Finance, Berland Development Group

Brad Rettig
Business Development Manager, Hyder Construction Inc.

Drew Thomas
Membership Committee Co-Chair
Broker, Occupier Services, CBRE

Brad Weinig
TOD Program Director, Enterprise Community Partners

Cooper Williams
Principal, Essex Financial Group

Who are We?

We're a dedicated group of alums who are passionate about connecting you within the industry, whether it's through happy hours, project tours, student panels, public service projects or other networking opportunities.

Join Us!

For 2016, we're offering a discounted $100 Young Alumni Membership rate! If you haven't started or renewed your membership yet, don't forget that in addition to helping support the CU Real Estate Center, you'll also enjoy the following benefits:
  • Exclusive Young Alumni Appreciation Event!
  • Networking Opportunities across industry lines (500+ Attendees at the Annual Conference)
  • Leadership opportunities with the CUREC Young Alumni Board
  • Career Guidance
  • Notification of Job Opportunities
  • Access to Advanced Excel, ARGUS and LEED Courses
  • Mentorship Opportunities
  • Stay connected to your Peers
  • Discounted Admission to CUREC Events (over $450 in annual savings!)
Memberships follow the calendar year (January-December) and are $100


Interested in volunteering or joining a committee for 2016?

Contact Courtney Colbert or Andrea Woodhams

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