CU Real Estate Center Staff

Michael P. Kercheval
Executive Director
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Mike Kercheval is the Executive Director of the Real Estate Center at the Leeds School of Business of the University of Colorado Boulder. As the Center’s Executive Director, Mike manages and promotes the important relationships between the real estate industry and the academic community through a number of initiatives focusing on business education preparedness, career development and mentoring, and advancement of industry best practices.
Thomas G. Thibodeau
Academic Director
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Tom Thibodeau is the Global Real Estate Capital Markets Professor and the Academic Director of the University of Colorado Real Estate Center in the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado-Boulder. Tom is currently the Academic Director of the University of Colorado’s Real Estate Center (CUREC). Tom is responsible for: (1) overseeing the Leeds School of Business real estate curriculum at both the graduate and undergraduate levels; (2) staffing real estate courses with qualified, committed research faculty and instructors; (3) directing the Center’s academic research; (4) facilitating and contributing to real estate industry oriented research; and (5) continuing to develop relationships with members of the real estate industry.


Lisa Chambers
Assistant Director
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Lisa Chambers joined CUREC in July, 2010 as Assistant Director. She leads our undergraduate real estate certificate program, meeting with prospective students, counseling and assisting them with class sequencing, internships and job placement. She is also the Real Estate Club advisor.
Katie Latier
Associate Director
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Katie Latier is the Associate Director of the CU Real Estate Center and has been with the Center for 13 years. Her primary responsibilities include overseeing the student placement, internship and mentor programs, counseling students on coursework and career issues, coordinating networking opportunities for the students, and working to build relationships with local real estate companies.
Lisa Peck
Administrative Assistant
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Lisa hails from The Ohio State University where she studied Social Work and worked for the Alumni Association. She serves as administrative assistant to the Center as well as managing and coordinating (with our Quarterly Meeting Committee and Annual Conference Committee) all of our events, serves as web master, and assists our Marketing and Membership Committees among other varied Council duties.