CUREC - Internal Graduate Case Competition

On December 8, 2016 three teams of CUREC graduate students (both MBA and MS) competed in the Bascom Graduate Real Estate Case Competition. The competition was funded with a grant from The Bascom Group. The case study, a multifamily acquisition/rehab in Las Vegas, Nevada, was also provided by Bascom. Student teams were asked to evaluate the investment opportunity, suggest an offering price, recommend debt financing, provide a financial analysis of the acquisition and rehab, compute expected unleveraged and leveraged IRRs on the property, forecast partnership cash flow and estimate expected returns for Bascom as well as the passive investors. The teams were given 20 minutes to sell their proposal to a panel of industry judges.

The team consisting of Malcom Craig, Ashley Dancer, Taylor Egner and Juan Rodriguez took first place and a cash price of $5,000. The second place team was awarded $3,000 and the third place team was awarded $2,000. I would like to thank David Kim and The Bascom Group for funding this important exercise. I would also like to thank the judges for taking the time to evaluate the students’ performances. The judges were Brad Blash (Crossbeam Capital), Kim Koehn (K2 Ventures, LLC), Kevin Knapp (Element Properties), Kiely Wilson.

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