ARGUS DCF Certification Course Announcement

Professor Tom Thibodeau will be offering an ARGUS DCF Certification class beginning Tuesday, October 30, at 6:30pm. The class will meet for three hours on seven consecutive Tuesday evenings. The class will not meet during Thanksgiving week. The ARGUS DCF Certification exam will be given during the last class period. The cost of the class for CUREC members is $1,499. $499 of this goes to ARGUS and includes a student license of ARGUS DCF that is valid for six months, printed certification course materials and the fee for taking the exam. $1,000 of the course fee goes to support the University of Colorado Real Estate Center. Professor Thibodeau has taught 75 students in five ARGUS DCF Certification classes over the past four years. 74 of the 75 students passed the ARGUS DCF Certification exam on their first attempt. If you want to register for this class, send Professor Thibodeau an email at You must register by October 20 to enroll. You will receive your student license of ARGUS DCF as soon as ARGUS receives payment for the course. You should know that ARGUS property files created in the student version of ARGUS DCF will not work in the commercial version of ARGUS DCF and vice versa. If you have any additional questions, email Professor Thibodeau.

Alumni Gathering - July 25, 2012

On Wednesday, July 25th, the CU Real Estate alumni gathered at the Mellow Mushroom on the 16th St. Mall in Denver for a networking event. With around 25 attendees, there was plenty of real estate chatter! Tickets to an upcoming Rockies game were given away as door prizes and everyone was encouraged to attend the August 18th Rockies game with the CU Boulder Alumni Association. You can buy discounted tickets for that game at

Real Estate Internship in Munich Germany by Torrey Sargent, Class of 2013

I was fortunate this summer to work for a company called BLUE Asset Management, located in Munich, Germany. BLUE is a full service asset manager in commercial real estate with a strong expertise in managing retail and office assets with a geographic scope on Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Their clientele is formed by institutional investors, such as REITs, sovereign wealth fund and investment managers.

This summer BLUE was looking to expand their portfolios and properties throughout Germany. One of my tasks was compiling a list of other companies around the world that had assets in Germany and contacting them to find out if they were disposing of any of their assets in Germany. I was successful in making contact with roughly 10 companies that had assets that they were considering selling.

Throughout the summer I also researched different tenants that will be holding leases in various BLUE properties. From grocery stores to media markets I had to create company profiles that provided financial information and descriptions of the companies. This information will be used in presentations that will be given to BLUE’s clients. Of all the undertakings this summer, the highlights were when I was able to visit the actual properties and sites. There are many different angles to consider and analyze to ensure the asset is profitable or remains at the top of the local market. Analyzing the properties and comparing them to local competition was exciting work for me. My knowledge of the German language consists of bier and danke. Fortunately a majority of their clients spoke English which was also the main language spoken around the office. As a small company of only 12 people it provided a great learning environment and made it easy for me to feel confident in asking questions and completing tasks to exactness.

For anyone who has the opportunity to work abroad, I highly recommend it. Classroom education creates a solid base of knowledge, but gaining international experience, though challenging, is invaluable. Seize any opportunity!

Construction on Campus

This summer at the CU Boulder campus, there are construction projects everywhere. You can’t walk from one end of campus to the other without confronting signs about detours and alternate paths. However this site in front of the College of Engineering has us scratching our heads. It looks like going around in circles is the only choice!

If you are interested in finding out more about the building projects on campus (both short- and long-term), then save the date of October 3 for our Fall Quarterly Meeting. The meeting will be here at the Stadium Club and the campus leaders in charge of facilities will be the featured speakers. Check back later on our website for registration information.

Undergraduate Internship and Job Placement

Thirty real estate certificate students graduated on May 10, 2012 along with their approximately 550 classmates at the Leeds School of Business. Each of these students completed their real estate internship and as of this writing, around fifteen of the students have accepted permanent jobs in real estate. Another eleven seniors will graduate with their real estate certificate in December 2012.

One example of a successful industry partnership is with Evans Senior Investments: Leeds students and several Evans Scholars have taken part in a rigorous training program that teaches them how to interact with owners of Seniors Housing communities across the country while giving them a full understanding of the business. Each student receives individual and group training sessions to ensure they are competent and will enter the work place with the following competencies: business development, real estate finance, and business etiquette.

“We are extremely excited to create this partnership between ESI and the University of Colorado. Lisa Chambers at the CU Real Estate Center has been a fantastic resource and critical part of this program ensuring that all of the interns earn college credit for this opportunity,” said Managing Partner Jeremy Stroiman. “Our hope is for these students to learn all aspects of the industry and find full-time positions within the industry upon graduation.”

In Fall 2012, the real estate certificate program will enroll a record 95 juniors and seniors enrolled. If you are interested in setting up a real estate internship for an undergraduate junior or senior, please contact Lisa Chambers at 303.492.4194.