New International Advisory Board Launched

The support and leadership of a committed real estate industry, through the CU Real Estate Center (CUREC) has provided the tools and opportunities which have helped the Leeds School of Business excel in graduating tomorrow’s real estate industry leaders. On April 18th and 19th the inaugural meeting of the CUREC International Advisory Board (IAB) was held in Boulder, convening more than 50 top real estate leaders from across the U.S.

The CUREC board’s nominating committee, consisting of David Kim, Co-founder and Managing Partner of the Bascom Group, Irvine, CA; Steve Hansen, Director of the James Campbell Company, Los Angeles, CA; Mike Labelle, CFO Boston Properties, Boston, MA; Cooper Williams, Principal, Essex Financial, Denver, CO; Phil Welch, Managing Partner, Somerset Apartment Management LLC, New York, NY; and Kim Koehn, Principal, K2 Ventures, Denver, CO, assembled a slate of nominees during a year-long process to reflect the geographic and sector diversity of the real estate profession. “Never before has such broad spectrum of powerful and deeply committed real estate executives been brought together to drive the success and engagement of a national real estate center”, noted Richard Morgan, chairman of the board, in describing the new CUREC IAB.

Of the 75 IAB members, 9% are based on the east coast, 25% on the west coast and 66% in the central part of the U.S. About half of the IAB members are from Colorado. In addition to real estate developers, the IAB also includes bankers, investors, brokers, residential developers, appraisers and real estate attorneys. Many of the board members have deep roots in Colorado and to CU’s real estate program. Bill Mark, a long-time supporter, is President of American Real Estate Advisors. Bill is a diversified real estate executive with experience in investment, development, brokerage, and management over a 38 year career. His grandfather was an early 20th century Boulder business pioneer who built and managed the Hotel Boulderado until his untimely death at age 48. While not a graduate, Bill’s grandfather was a longtime supporter, and best friend of George Norlin, President of CU and the namesake of our library.

Other new board members, such as Jack Durburg, CEO Americas for CBRE, Chicago, IL and Rich Etzhorn, Executive Managing Director for Cushman Wakefield, St. Louis, MO, are rekindling their dual passions for real estate and CU through the board. “Being a CU grad is not a prerequisite for IAB membership. While many have a direct connection to CU, others have children as current or former students at Leeds. All of them share the enthusiasm of being part of a growing national real estate program on the rise”, said David Kim, a University of Wisconsin graduate but passionate supporter of CUREC.

The IAB replaces earlier governing and advisory boards associated with the real estate center at the Leeds School of Business, a change accelerated by a roll-up of the CU Real Estate Foundation into the CU Foundation. The industry-comprised CU Real Estate Council and the academic real estate programs supported by the CUREC remain unchanged except that they now benefit from the more broadly based board.

2018 Real Estate Trek to Chile and Argentina!

For the 2018 CU Graduate Real Estate Trek, we had the privilege of getting outside the comfort of the United States to explore the economy and the blossoming real estate market of both Chile and Argentina. Our first four days of the trip were spent in Santiago, Chile where we all had the unique opportunity to learn first-hand about how one of the hottest real estate markets in the hemisphere had become such an attractive investment location. In speaking with a head economist from the Banco De Chile, we were fascinated to understand how Chile has been able to counteract the effects of inflation that have run rampant throughout many South American economies. We were also impressed by how modern and progressive most of downtown Santiago looked and felt. Many students were apt to draw quick comparisons to the San Francisco or New York markets, which made sense given the nickname of modern Santiago is “Sanhatten.”

We were able to attend an alumni event hosted by former Leed’s graduates which featured prospective students as well as industry veterans sharing positive experiences about Leeds and the University of Colorado. While most of our time was consumed by presentations and meetings, we were also able to sample another staple of the Chilean economy- the wine. On our final day, we had the good fortune to tour the Cousino Macul vineyard and learn a thing or two about wine tasting. Overall, the Chile portion of the trip opened up our eyes to a unique culture and real estate market. It was obvious that the experience will continue to benefit our students in their careers both in and outside the United States.

After spending three days in Santiago, we flew to Buenos Aires. Unlike Chile, Argentina has suffered through decades of political and economic instability. However, the real estate community is optimistic about the future. Over two days, we visited economists, developers, and real estate developers to learn about how they plan to modernize the city. A highlight included visiting Puerto Madero, an outdated seaport in the heart of the city that has transformed into a thriving tech center. Although Argentina has a long way to go to recover from its economic crises, the future, especially in real estate, appears bright.

Excel Bootcamp

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2017 Sherman Miller Case Competition - CU Wins!

BOULDER, COLORADO. A team of six Leeds undergrad real estate students took the top spot at the 2017 Sherman Miller Real Estate Competition hosted by the CU Real Estate Center and pitting teams from CU, CSU and DU in the annual intrastate battle. The winning team included seniors Kevin Castillo, Paula Chavarria, Kevin Goodman, Edward Miller and Alec Schmergel, and junior Sultan Alkhonji. The victory marks the third time CU has won the competition in the four years since the inaugural event in 2014. The University of Denver placed second and CSU third.

The competition is designed to give the students a taste of the real world by tasking the students with analyzing and then presenting to a panel of industry experts their findings and recommendations for a potential purchase of a neighborhood retail center. The student teams have just five days to complete their analysis before making their presentations live before the industry experts and answering tough questions posed by the panel during the Q&A that follows.

The team prepares in the weeks leading up to the event by analyzing and then presenting practice cases before some of our CUREC industry partners as well as our real estate faculty. A special thank you to those industry partners who helped prepare this year’s winning team.

The event is named in honor of Sherm Miller, past Executive Director of the CUREC, and the primary force behind establishing this intrastate undergrad real estate case competition.

Congratulations to our winning team…WAY TO GO BUFFS!

Left to right: Kevin Castillo, Alec Schmergel, Paula Chavarria, Edward (E.J.) Miller, Sultan Alkhonji, and Kevin Goodman

2017 ULI Colorado Cultivating Development Forum

August 17, 2017
McNichols Building
144 W. Colfax Avenue

We are proud partners of @ULIColo on their Food and Real Estate Forum. Join us to hear the latest trends in food equity, boutique food halls, and how land use professionals are leveraging food into their latest projects. Click here for additional information or to register.