MS Real Estate

The MS Real Estate degree curriculum provides an in-depth education for students interested in the real estate industry. The twelve-month program offers extensive course work and an application of materials, preparing students for a range of job opportunities. The program incorporates experiential learning and a multitude of opportunities for students to interact with industry leaders in classes and in events sponsored by the CU Real Estate Center.

The Real Estate curriculum includes a rigorous background in quantitative financial analysis and management, and specifically prepares students for careers in the financial, management and operations aspects of real estate. The program develops business skills so you can add value for employers quickly.

The Asset Management track prepares students for a variety of careers in real property asset and portfolio management.

Program starts in August 2018; Ends May 2019. For additional information, please visit our website at or email us at

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For additional information or to express your interest, contact Tom Thibodeau, Academic Director of the Real Estate Center.

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LEED Accreditation

In partnership with the U.S. Green Building Council Colorado Chapter, the CU Real Estate Center offers students a unique opportunity to prepare for and take the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, Green Associate exam.

We're serious about sustainable real estate development practices. So are our students. Regardless of the role a graduate student will play in the broader real estate industry, becoming LEED certified is a significant plus for our graduates and speaks to their commitment to sustainable practices.

ARGUS-DCF® Certification

ARGUS-DCF® is a widely used income property investment/valuation real estate software package. We are proud to offer the ARGUS-DCF® Certification class to our MBAs, undergraduates and members of the CUREC community. According to ARGUS®, our high pass rates are unprecedented among ARGUS-DCF® Certification classes offered by either ARGUS or other universities.

Prerequisite: MBA students must be currently enrolled (or have completed) MBAX 6610: Real Estate Finance and Investments or have obtained instructor permission.