Board of Directors Subcommittees

The following committees support and extend the core mission and activities of the Executive Committee.

Alumni Committee

The Alumni Committee is a group of seventeen real estate professionals who have received either their undergraduate or MBA degrees from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder. These individuals share the same common goal; a desire to be involved with the real estate community and with CU-Boulder. With the support of Katie Latier and Lisa Chambers from the CU Real Estate Center, the two interests have been combined to create the CU Real Estate Alumni Committee.

The objective of the committee is to provide an opportunity for alumni to continue developing relationships within the real estate community while having fun. We realize life changes once you graduate and that’s why the committee is so great. The committee gives us the chance to reunite with friends and classmates as well as the opportunity to meet new people who share our passion.

By becoming a member you’ll have access to the following:

  • Searchable directory of all CU Real Estate Alumni
  • Real Estate continuing education seminars
  • Direct contact with seasoned professionals to gain insight, exchange career tips, and much more!

For more information email

Committee Members

  • John Bauknight (MBA ’12)
  • Luke Cannon (MBA ’11)
  • Mark Christ (BS ’11)
  • Courtney Colbert (BS ’11)
  • Scott Crabtree (MBA ’09)
  • Alexandra Danneberg (BS ’09)
  • Ann Gauntt (MBA ’11)
  • Max Gansline (BS ’09)
  • Erin Marilley (BS ’04)
  • Laura Munch (BS ’11)
  • Chad Murphy (MBA ’12)
  • Andrea Pietka (MBA ’10)
  • Aaron Schlagel (MBA ’11)
  • Laura Spitzmiller (BS ’10)
  • Brad Weinig (MBA ’11)
  • Cooper Williams (MBA ’10)
  • Ben Woolf (MBA ’04)

Annual Conference

Stefanie Sommers, Chair
Jim Creighton
Kerry Crandell
Peter Cushman
Sherri Goldstein
Phil Hicks
Mike Kercheval
Mike Komppa
Lisa Peck
Noelle Riccardella
Kim Sperry
Chris Toll
Cooper Williams


Larry Preble, Chair
Lisa Chambers
Rob Gillis
Kim Koehn
Carl Koelbel
Jeff Latier
Katie Latier
Ellen McCready
Rhett Nunnally
Jeff Robinson
Curtis Sears
Tom Thibodeau
Ben Truitt
Dave Vorlage
Brad Weinig
Ben Woolf
Cooper Williams


David Chadwick, Real Estate Foundation

MBA Internships & Job Placement

Kim Koehn, Chair
Katie Latier


Wade Houser, Chair
Lisa Chambers
Jim Creighton
Mike Kercheval
Kim Koehn
Mike Komppa
Brad Weinig

Quarterly Meeting

Mike Kercheval
Lisa Peck
Kim Koehn

Sustainable Development

Chris Crosby, Co-Chair
Eliot Hoyt, Co-Chair
Shannon Cox-Baker
Deborah Froeg
Cal Fulenwider
Ken Gillis
Eliot Hoyt
Carl Koelbel
Kyle Mason
Kim Koehn
Jason Newcomer
Greg Ochis
Cooper Williams